Warranty for the consumers

Unicanvas Limited one-year warranty for the consumers

The authorized dealer of this product with the agreement of the manufacturer ‘Unicanvas’ offers the following warranty.

The warranty is for a period of one year from the original buyer. This warranty is not transferable and is only applied to the original owner and must be for his personal use and not commercial use. (It’s strongly recommended that the original purchaser keeps a copy of the proof of purchase. This information will be requested before considering any claim on warranty.)


The warranty covers all the Unicanvas products

This warranty does not cover the damages occurred under conditions which are not linked to materials or manpower used when fabricating the product.


Certain conditions without however being limited are:

  • Damages caused by or resulting of faulty installation
  • Damages caused by or resulting of the installation of accessories not authorized by Unicanvas
  • Damages resulting of installation or use going against the instructions specified in the owner’s manual
  • Damages caused by or resulting of accident
  • Damages caused by blizzard, storm, excessive winds, heavy rain, water accumulation or other natural disasters
  • Damages resulting of alteration or medication done by any other than the Unicanvas authorized personnel

This warranty covers:

  • Extreme discoloration (Nevertheless it’s normal to observe a slight discoloration caused by ultra-violet rays.)
  • Mildew (However mildew can appear if the dirt is not taken off, or if the product is stored wet.)
  • Crackling, hardening, shelling under normal conditions
  • Any defective part in the awning hardware mechanism when used under normal conditions. Conditions under which this clause does not apply, are stated above.

Buyer’s responsibilities

To obtain repair on a defective part, the buyer must send back the defective part to the Unicanvas dealer nearest to him, including proof of purchase. Freight charges for sending parts from the dealer to Unicanvas and from Unicanvas to the dealer will be paid by Unicanvas if the product is covered by the one-year warranty. If Unicanvas judges that the product is not covered by the warranty, at this time, he will claim the total freight charges to the dealer and the dealer will turn around and claim these fees to the buyer before giving him back the product. The freight charges from the client to the dealer and from the dealer to the client are always the buyer’s entire responsibility.

For information on the Unicanvas nearest authorized dealer, enter your his own zip or postal code in the appropriate research field or contact us:


3262, boulevard Frontenac Ouest
Thetford Mines, Québec, Canada
G6H 2C2 

Phone : (418) 423-7558
Fax : (418) 423-5827

E-mail : info@unicanvas.com

Manufacturer’s responsabilites

The manufacturer will repair the parts and will ship these out to the authorized dealer within the most reasonable delay.

The manufacturer agrees to pay the freight charges from the dealer to Unicanvas and from Unicanvas to the dealer, during the first 90 days, effective on the day of purchase by the original buyer. 

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