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Maintenance Procedures

Unicanvas uses only very high quality materials to make their products. These materials have been treated to resist:

  •        the harmful effects of the sun
  •        the rain
  •        the pollution
  •        the abrupt changes in temperature

However, it is normal, after many years of use, and at certain occasions, that a slight change in color occurs. This does not affect the quality of the product and we suggest that you do not try to correct these changes by using non-recommended products.


Normally, the vinyl used in our products are cleaned by using only running water. You cannot use caustic cleaning products directly on the vinyl. The chemical components of these products tend to harm the waterproof coating on the vinyl and threads.

For more persistent stains:

  •        The vinyl can be cleaned using a soap made for vinyl (diluted to the manufacturer’s recommendation)
  •        Once diluted, cleaning is done using a sponge or soft bristle brush.
  •        Apply the diluted soap on the sponge or brush, not on the area that needs cleaning. Limit use of this process to the stained area.
  •        Avoid undue scrubbing, especially on the seams.
  •        Make sure to well rinse with clear water to eliminate all soap residues.


Do not use the car wash method consisting in completely foaming the product then rinsing it with a high pressure hose. This method rapidly destroys the waterproof quality of any vinyl and can cause leakage problems.


We recommend you store your vinyl product in a dark and dry area. Make sure it is clean and perfectly dry before storage. A high humidity level will cause mildew on the seams as well as on any dirt remaining on the product. This mildew can seriously damage your product.

Consult the Q&A to answer your questions

Yes. If you have a roll-up awning which has an aluminum roller tube with three grooves. The first groove is for the fabric, the second groove is for the valance and the third groove is for different accessories such as the add-a-room's front walls. This groove must be facing the ground when the awning is open.

The roll-up awning has a mechanism with 2 springs which allows to open and close the awning without having to manipulate the fabric. Two vertical arms support the roller tube and act as hinges during the opening and closing of the awning. The roller tube is mobile. This type of awning is for travelers with travel-trailers, fifthwheels and motorhomes. 

The fixed awning is a complete structure of pipes which are assembled to support the fabric. We have inserted springs in the diagonal pipes in order to provide a tension on the fabric. The installation of this type of awning will require more manipulations. The awning must be taken down completely if you wish to travel. On the other hand, this awning is recommended for the seasonal campers. The solidity of this structure will allow to support of good quantity of rain and will also resist to stronger winds.

The retractable awning has a roller tube similar to the roll-up awning, however, this roller tube is immobilized close to the trailer wall. The two arms which support the front of the awning are in a horizontal position. A crank out handle or a motor will permit to open and to close the awning. This awning is particularly for the motorhomes. It is the most simple type of awning. This awning requires a constant surveillance in case of rain or winds.

Yes. If your fabric is damaged and the balance of awning is in perfect condition, you may order the universal replacement fabric. This fabric will fit perfectly all makes of awnings. Be sure to well measure the fabric as well as the diameter of the beads inside the roller tube and inside the awning rail on the trailer. Note: It is risky to change by oneself the fabric on a roll-up awning. We recommend you have an expert perform this for you.

Yes. We manufacture all our products and therefore have all the intended spare parts available for maintenance, repairs or modifications of our products. In most cases, you will receive your parts in less than 24 to 48 hours from the date and time you placed your order.

Yes. The first step however is to visit the rubric "Find a dealer" this will provide you information on the closest retailer near you. We strongly encourage you to obtain the Unicanvas products at one of our excellent retailers. If however you were unable to find a retailer to answer your requests, you may communicate with us.

Yes. Our retailers have in their possession the complete Unicanvas repair kit. This kit contains a quick drying filling (VLP) and the wide variety of paint colors used by Unicanvas. A so made repair is permanent.

No. These awnings have a weight related factor. You must have a hold on the building structure or on the vehicle. As an example an awning fixed to a brick wall can represent a risk. An awning fixed to the structure behind the brick wall be the appropriate method of installation.

You can obtain the Unicanvas products among one of our numerous retailers. Consult the "Find a dealer" rubric to find the retailer closest to you or you may contact us.

The height of a valence is 7 inches flat including the bead to insert it in the groove of the roller tube.

The applied tension is calculated in number of turns according to the length of the awning. For awnings up to 12 feet, 6 turns on the left and right springs. For awnings from 13 to 15 feet, 7 turns on the left and right springs. For awnings from 16 to 18 feet, 8 turns on the left and right springs. For awnings from 19 to 25 feet, 9 turns on the left and right springs. Note : The Unicanvas springs are coated with grease at the plant and therefore have a long life expectancy. If you need to check a less recent awning, verify the condition of the springs and apply a good quality grease if necessary. If you notice an important corrosion, consider replacing the springs.