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Aluniflex walls and sunrooms

Aluniflex walls and sunrooms

Increase space and luminosity. Redefine your home with the Unicanvas custom made sunrooms.

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Versatile and affordable

Aluniflex 2000

Fits anywhere imaginable.

  • Vinyl sliding windows with 5 mm glass option
  • Aluminum structure available in white, brown and black
  • Custom option for your special indoor and outdoor projects
  • White, brown and black color structure
  • Large choice of color for the opaque vinyl on the bottom of the walls
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The feeling of being outside

Aluniflex 3000

A view without obstacles and bad weather.

  • A vinyl fenestration with 4 windows that allows an opening of 75% downwards or up for an unobstructed view
  • Aluminium structure
  • Available in white, brown and black
  • Custom manufacturing
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The ultimate comfort

Aluniflex 5000

Adds a beautiful, bright and luxurious space to your home while allowing you to enjoy the summer.

  • Permanent structure in white ou beige PVC or with glass option
  • Sliding windows in 5mm glass
  • Walls compatible with 175V, 180 acrylic, 185S roof
  • Standard height of 80’’
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Aluniflex walls and sunrooms

Aluniflex walls and sunrooms are a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for quickly changing a space. They are typically made of glass and are mounted on an aluminum or PVC frame.

They allow you to enjoy natural light while protecting from the weather and add an extra room to your home.