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Custom retractable roofs and awnings

Custom retractable roofs and awnings

Roof and awnings manufacturer of premium quality, Unicanvas is the reference par excellence in Quebec and Canada for your residential projects.

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The most resistant retractable


A very popular installation that you will be proud of.

  • Protects from the sun's rays while enhancing your outdoor space
  • Custom built: up to 23' wide and 19'8'' projection.
  • Motorized installation, remote control
  • Integrated gutter for lateral evacuation
  • Possibility of installing walls even after the installation and enjoyment of your Pergolino
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Classy at a comfortable price

Retractable awning

  • Protects from sun and rain
  • Motorized installation, remote control
  • Made of aluminum
  • Many optional accessories available
  • Various color choices for your canvas
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Retractable roofs and awnings

Retractable roofs and awnings offer a practical and aesthetic solution to protect outdoor spaces from rain, sun and wind.

Generally made of waterproof fabric and mounted on an aluminum or steel frame, they can be installed on decks, patios, balconies and even swimming pools and can be operated manually or by remote control.

Retractable awnings, on the other hand, are usually mounted on the wall of the house or on a pergola and can be unfolded or retracted as needed. They are also made of waterproof fabric and are usually operated manually or with a remote control.

In summary, retractable roofs and awnings are a great option for protecting outdoor spaces from rain, sun and wind, while adding an aesthetic touch to the home. They are convenient, versatile and easy to use, making them a popular choice for those looking to enhance their outdoor environment.