Aluniflex Walls

Enjoy your patio for longer
Transform your patio or terrace

  • Can be made with clear, tinted or visor vinyl that filters wind, sun and rain up to 80%
  • Designed to protect you from wind and rain
  • Can be manufactured up to a maximum of 16 feet

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Aluniflex 2000

  • White aluminium extrusion frame 1’’ x 1.5’’;
  • Walls joined together with a flexible H type PVC joint;
  • Sliding door;
  • Interchangeable screen, 2/3 top section, inserted with beading;
  • Interchangeable vinyl, 1/3 bottom section;
  • Wall height 77’’;
  • Walls available in widths of : 22,875", 34,875", 41,375", 42,375", 43,375", 44,375" et 46,875";
  • Vertical fall over and sash windows allowing a 1/3 or 2/3 opening from total wall height.

Compatible with Aluniflex series walls.

Our achievements -The versatile


A living room sheltered from bad weather.
  • Standards walls 80" to 96";
  • Available in white, beige, brown or black;
  • Custom made;
  • Aluminium structure with full interchangeable screen inserted by beading;
  • Walls screwed together for a quick installation;
  • Clear or tinted sash windows offering a 75% opening from the top to bottom or from bottom to top;
  • A 60’’ vinyl patio door or a man door is included with room;

Our achievements - ALUNIFLEX 3000​


  • Easy to clean permanent PVC and aluminium structure;
  • Horizontal 5mm glass sliding windows;
  • Standard walls of 80";
  • Can be installed under an existing roof, or roofs 175 V, 180 or 185 S.

Compatible with Aluniflex series walls.

Our achievements - ALUNIFLEX 5000​​

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