Roofs of quality, customizable, resistant and most importantly tailor made.

Every roof we offer can be matched with any of our Aluniflex or retractable walls.

Roof 175V

  • Composed of central aluminium roof trusses.
  • Also compatible with Aluniflex 1000,2000,3000 and 5000
  • Wide variety of canvas colors.
  • Wide variety of canvas colors.

Portfolio - Roof 175V

Roof 180

  • Multiple walls acrylic sheets made to resist high impacts.
  • Insulation factor equal or greater than a 538 double glass.
  • Treated to control heat.
  • Projection of 10’ to 16’
  • The acrylic sheets are held by the 175V trusses.
  • Trusses available in white, beige, brown and black.
Enjoy the benefits of light with our translucent acrylic roof.

Portfolio - Roof 180

Roof 185S

  • 6’’ in aluminium and isolated with polystyrene.
  • Insulation factor of R26
  • Can be used alone or in combination with Aluniflex or retractable walls.
  • Composed of 2 sheets of embossed aluminium of .024’’ and laminated to 3’’ of polystyrene.
  • A solid and long-lasting roof.

Portfolio - Roof 185S

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