The Unicanvas awning support accessories will help to maintain the fabric on an awning and will also add solidity to the awning of your RV.

  • A better solidity to your awning;
  • A few options available: Electric awning support, curved rafter support and Supreme Center Rafter support.


  • Electric awning supports
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    RV Electric retractable awning support

    The Electric awning supports will allow you to fully enjoy your awning. It upholds the front of your awning and immobilizes it against any vertical moves caused by the wind. This eliminates the pressure on the awning hardware and on the top and bottom brackets.

  • Curved rafter
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    RV Curved rafter awning support

    Our curved rafter can be easily extended or shortened up to 6 inches with a practical adjustment available at every inch. It is slightly curved on all its length and adapts to all 8' projection roll-up awning. This rafter facilitates the water flow on the fabric and brings solidity to your awning.

  • Supreme support rafter
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    RV awning Supreme Center rafter support

    • Easy to operate
    • Tilting roller support
    • Fastening clip will maintain the ground support into place
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Durable
    • Prevents the awning roller tube from bending under tension;
    • Made with high quality materials
    • Supports perfectly your awning when used in the patio position with the ground support
    • Fits most roll-up awnings
    • The cradle supports awning roller tube when awning is rolled-up

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