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Curved rafter (8' projection) (pack 6)

Curved rafter (8' projection) (pack 6)

Curved rafter (Cover-up foams and receptacles are included)

Adjustable from 91 1/2'' to 97 1/2''

Adapts to all roll-up awning.


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Our curved rafter can be easily extended or shortened up to 6 inches with a practical adjustment available at every inch. It is slightly curved on all its length and adapts to all 8' projection roll-up awning. This rafter facilitates the water flow on the fabric and brings solidity to your awning.

For awnings without add-a-room installations, we recommend installing curved rafters every 30 to 36 inches. Also included with the curved rafter a very practical receptacle which will assure you an excellent installation of the flat edge of the pipe on your RV. Rafters are also covered up with a foam to protect your fabric against scratches.


Reference 1201608

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