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Sash clear vinyl windows can be opened at 1/3 or 2/3 from wall height. The bottom section of the wall (1/3) is made with white vinyl. The walls are 77’’ high. The door guides go completely around the add a room, thus allowing you to position the door wherever desired. The skirt and the side fabrics are white. The Aluniflex walls 1000 must be installed on a perfectly level patio and straight with the RV wall.

General information:

  • Projection will adapt from 86’’ to 99 7/8’’.
  • The additional door option only consists of the door frame with the door handle. Simply replace one of the walls by the door frame and then place the wall into the door guides.
  • The front consists of walls of 22 7/8’’, 34 7/8’’ and 46 7/8’’. The side walls will vary from 41 3/8’’ to 44 3/8’’.
  • A front door will be 46 7/8’’ or 34 7/8’’. A side door will be from 41 3/8’’ to 44 3/8’’.
  • The skirt that hides the bottom of the RV has a height of 28’’ by the width of the add-a-room. The skirting measures 18’’ high by 72’’ long.


Reference 1281000-08

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